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Lake Luzerne and Mountains

Capital Campaign Project Information

We have had the extreme fortune of completing the first two stages of our campus rebuild. Over the last 2 years, we have replaced all student and faculty housing with 30 new energy efficient cabins, installed our new administration and medical buildings, updated all associated infrastructure including water, electric, and septic, and completed heating and cooling, stage and lighting renovations in our Jack Lawrence Performance Lodge.

As we move forward, we hope to finish our remaining campus upgrades with our third phase of the project. This will include renovating our current dining hall, upgrades to our boat house at the lakefront, and renovating our maintenance and laundry facilities. We hope to complete this project by our summer season in 2025.

Jeffrey B. Ziegler Recital Hall & Jack Lawrence Museum

In addition to our third phase, we introduce a new octagonal building on our campus this year. This building has a significantly expanded footprint, scaling up to 1,000 square feet, with a width of 35 ft in every direction, seated prominently in the center of our campus. This space, crafted in North Carolina by Topsider Homes and assembled onsite by local contractors, serves as an intimate performance venue on our campus, a museum for songwriter Jack Lawrence and a classroom space for masterclasses and small group classes.

Design mock up for an octagonal building

This structure is a focal point at LMC, placed prominently in the heart of campus beside the Jack Lawrence Performance Lodge. The building features beautiful pine finishes throughout the interior, blending with the aesthetics of the upgraded Lancaster Log Cabins around the camp, which were executed in 2021 as part of the first phase of our capital campaign. French doors and four sets of large windows allow for natural lighting from five of the eight walls, and create a sense of openness to evoke inspiration for the musicians and composers who will use the space.

The building houses Michael Kamen’s 1903 Steinway Model O grand piano and feature modular seating that allows for a broad array of uses including composition workshops, individual lessons, guest masterclasses, intimate studio recitals, group classes, chamber music rehearsals, and small receptions; with a prominent display of the Jack Lawrence archives that will adorn the interior perimeter of the space. Our resident artists and students, as well as visiting guest musicians from the New York City Ballet and Philadelphia Orchestra, have a refined space to instruct our students and rehearse.

Jack Lawrence Museum mockup-2.png

A portion of the 2020 Campaign includes installation of 12 new student cabins. With capacity for eight students, each cabin includes four bunkbeds and a bathroom, two showers and a double vanity, as well as a private bedroom and bathroom for a counselor.

Cost: $70,000 per cabin

The gift of a cabin includes a plaque with the donor's name or in honor or memory of someone.



We will also be replacing existing faculty housing with 18 new faculty cabins. Each faculty cabin will accommodate two faculty members, with two bedrooms, a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Cost: $50,000 per cabin

The gift of a cabin includes a plaque with the donor's name or in honor or memory of someone.

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