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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Luzerne Music Center values courage and resilience, empathy and compassion.
We value teamwork and we value kindness. We value diversity.
We believe in supporting and uplifting others.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Organizational Commitment

Following LMC’s long-standing mission, we believe in making world-class music instruction accessible for all. Within our camp community, we welcome people of any race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sex, ability, military status, marital status, or age.


Luzerne Music Center is committed to providing a space that is physically and emotionally safe for all. We work to ensure that everyone can reach their fullest potential with dignity, both musically and on a social-emotional level. We do not tolerate discrimination and dedicate ourselves to the necessary, long-term work required to become a truly inclusive community with equitable and inclusive practices in all aspects of our program. 


Community Commitment – For all students, families, staff, and volunteers

We recognize that each of us has our own lived experiences and identities. As artists and members of this community, each of us commits to contributing to camp in a way that is safe and welcoming for all. We understand that learning and growing are a part of the human process, but we also understand that harmful words and behaviors cannot be accepted in a true space of belonging. As members of this community, we individually commit to being a positive contributor towards this culture of inclusion and respect.

Moving Forward

We recognize that inequality appears in all aspects of our society. We are affirming our commitment as an anti-racist, multicultural organization and will work to push forward the classical music industry to do so as well. We recognize the long-term effort required to effectively examine and assess diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, and commit to doing so on a continual basis and with yearly review.


Here are some of our ongoing commitments:

  • We are partnering with organizations upholding similar missions for diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • We are pursuing ways to build bridges between communities and access to high-level instruction

  • We are continuing in our efforts to build trust in order to create brave spaces where students of all backgrounds feel safe to exchange their ideas and perspectives

  • We provide housing options that are inclusive and affirm all gender identities

  • We are participating in professional development, training and educating of our staff on equitable practices to uphold standards for the fair treatment of all who are a part of our program

  • We are increasing the representation of marginalized groups in all aspects of our program, including through hiring, programming, staff professional development, and educational resources

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