Financial Aid
Frequently Asked Questions
Luzerne Music Center aims to provide world-class music instruction for passionate young people in a summer camp environment, regardless of their financial circumstance. 65-70% of attendees receive support in the form of scholarships. Applying for financial aid will not effect your chance for admittance. 

Who is eligible to apply for financial aid?

Anyone looking to attend our four-week programs can apply for financial aid, and all families should be encouraged to apply to camp regardless of their financial circumstance. We want to work with you to make camp feasible for you this summer. LMC awards all families that request assistance with some form of scholarship.


How do I apply for financial aid?

Complete the financial aid portion of the application, which is the last section of the online form. This will ask you quick questions regarding your income and expenses for the year, and will require you to upload a copy of your most recent tax form (1040 for U.S. citizens). 


What if I want to know what scholarship I qualify for before formally apply?

That is completely fine! Just fill out the form below or send an email to Camp and Festival Director Emily Dobmeier at edobmeier@luzernemusic.org and we will happily connect with you.

Find out what level of scholarship you qualify for...

Thank you! We will be in contact shortly