“The performance opportunities were incredible - we (the pianists) had a concert every week. The camp impacted my life with so many things: first it made me practice more and taught me how to play chamber music. After that, the camp taught me how to be more peaceful and to be friendly anytime and everywhere with everyone. It was an amazing summer at camp.”

Georgi Chikolov (right)

LMC student

“Luzerne has helped me blossom into a more serious musician that reaps the benefits of my craft. When I went to Luzerne, I truly felt like I was home; talking about music and instruments with other people my age and associating with very caring faculty, staff, and counselors made me very comfortable. My camp friends were from many different places around the world, but we all felt very connected by music.  I feel like I "woke up" at Luzerne and realized how much further I could go with piano (my instrument).  Overall, Luzerne has helped me improve my musicianship and realize that I am capable of so much more.” 

Rina Hisajima (left)

LMC student


LMC student

“Quality of individual instruction was high and personalized well to improve the level of musicianship.”

“The counselors were amazing. They were very personal to all of the students including me.”


LMC Student

"My stay at Luzerne Music Center has been truly one of the best experiences of my life. The amount of time I spent as both an audience member and a performer allowed me to really understand and appreciate the beauty and humanity of classical music. I feel that I flourished musically and emotionally while being surrounded by such supportive and talented faculty and students.”

Miles Reed (left)

LMC student

“Overall this was a very educational and fun experience. I enjoyed making new friends and performing beautiful music.”


LMC student

“I love LMC.  It is the perfect place for making music in the summer. I can definitely see the improvement from week to week, and I also feel the excitement of the students before each concert. Students become much more connected musically and socially by the end of camp.”

Eliezer Gutman (right)

Junior Session Orchestra conductor

“I always enjoy our Brass Choir concerts at LMC.  The students work on a professional schedule and perform challenging music.”

Blair Bollinger (left)

Philadelphia Orchestra bass trombonist

LMC Brass Choir conductor


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