Concerto Competition List of Eligible Pieces


Each Summer, LMC hosts a Concerto Competition for the final concert of each session. This provides the students with the opportunity to perform a solo with a full orchestral accompaniment. Auditions are optional for students and will be held during the full Junior and Senior Sessions with the winner’s performance on the final concert of the session. 



Any student attending LMC who will be present for the final weeks and final concerts is eligible to participate in the Concerto Competition. Student must attend Junior B, Junior, or Senior Session.


Piece Requirements

Concerto Competition pieces must be derived from the list of eligible pieces below. Selections should be one movement only or between 8-10 minutes and must be performed by memory. 

Students must bring a piano reduction as well.

To sign up to compete, please email with your name, title and composer of your piece, and movement performing (if applicable).