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About Luzerne Music Center


Since 1980, Luzerne Music Center has been the summer home to thousands of musicians, balancing a high intensity music festival and a traditional summer camp experience in the foothills of the Adirondacks. We value courage and resilience, empathy and compassion. We value teamwork and we value kindness. We value diversity. We believe in supporting and uplifting others.

Students at LMC are trained in both large and small ensembles, with additional private lesson instruction and small choice based group classes. Musicians ages 9 to 18 come from all over the world to train at LMC's campus located in the foothills of New York’s Adirondack Park.

In addition to our summer festival, we also have a Luzerne Chamber Music Festival concert series with many faculty and guest artist concerts throughout the summer. 

Our Mission

Luzerne Music Center aims to provide world-class instruction for gifted young musicians in a summer camp environment, regardless of their financial circumstance.​

Our New Logo 

The new logo for Luzerne Music Center is an eloquent homage to Bert Phillips, an esteemed former cellist of The Philadelphia Orchestra and founder of the camp, alongside his wife Toby Blumenthal. The dark green, reminiscent of the Adirondack mountains, evokes nature's beauty and the camp's tranquil setting. The serene blue resonates with the essence of Lake Luzerne, forging a connection to the camp's lakeside sanctuary. A musical sash gracefully joins the upper and lower bouts of the cello and acts as a unifying force, bridging cultures and uniting campers from around the world in a symphony of shared passion and artistic expression. The new Luzerne Music Center logo is an emblem of the campus's remarkable transformation and a vibrant future where unity through music will inspire generations to come.

2023 Annual Report

Recruitment Brochure

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