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Oboe Faculty

Emily DiAngelo

Junior & Senior Session

BM, Ithaca College

MM, Manhattan School of Music
DMA, Manhattan School of Music

Joined LMC Faculty in 2016

Share with us some of your professional accomplishments.

I am currently oboe faculty at Cornell University and Hamilton College, and have held teaching positions at Syracuse University and Ithaca College. I have performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, The West Point Army Band, Symphoria, Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, Syracuse Stage, The Chelsea Symphony, Tri-Cities Opera and more. I can also be heard on recordings with multifaceted artists including jazz trumpet player Dominic Faranacci, the West Point Army Band, award-winning folk singer/songwriter Emily Mure, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Spano. I often work with living composers to commission new works for the oboe, and in 2015 I founded the Ithaca New Music Collective, a new music group that focuses on playing music written by composers from Ithaca College, Cornell University and the Ithaca community. Some of my teachers include Robert Botti, Paige Morgan, Dan Stolper, Pedro Diaz, Louis Rosenblatt and Lloyd Shorter.

What excites you about Luzerne Music Center?

Luzerne Music Center is a wonderful place to be a budding musician! I love that there is one orchestra. The students get the great experience of playing in the same group every week to really get to know the way their fellow musicians play and to develop a strong ensemble. Luzerne also has a wonderfully rustic feel. Being outdoors and enjoying nature in the summer is an important part of being a camper at Luzerne, and that promotes long-lasting friendships and a family-like atmosphere among faculty, campers and counselors.

What can campers expect to learn while working with you this summer?

As an oboist at Luzerne, you will learn solo, orchestral and chamber music repertoire, as well as daily warm-up techniques and scale exercises. LMC is also one of the only summer festivals as an oboist where you can get experience playing principal, second and English horn! Oboists who elect for extra reed-making lessons will be a part of group reed classes that will either introduce the student to reed making, or help the student improve their reed-making skills. I am also a certified yoga instructor, so oboists will learn breathing skills related to yoga that help to improve sound, endurance and intonation.

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