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Student Spotlight on Eugenia Garcia Cuesta

This week's blog spotlight is on LMC violist Eugenia Garcia Cuesta, from Asturias, Spain. Everything started when her older brother gave her a violin at age five. As time passed, Eugenia began to take music seriously and started studying viola at the Julian Orbón conservatory of Avilés. There, Eugenia currently studies music theory, choir, piano, orchestra, harmony and chamber music.

In her own words, Eugenia says, "I love music, its so powerful and it unites people." Read what this fourteen-year-old has to say about her experience at Luzerne Music Center and her thoughts on music and viola!

Tell us a little about yourself: where are you from and what instrument do you play?

Hi I'm Eugenia! I am from Asturias, which is in the north of Spain. My main instrument is viola, but I'm also learning piano as a subject in my conservatory.

How many summers have you come to LMC?

I went to Luzerne for the last two summers!

Do you have a favorite classical composer? What about a favorite non-classical group/song/genre?

I don't think I could choose one! There are so many composers of different styles and they are all wonderful! I love listening to folk music, it makes me so happy! Also jazz, Indie or alternative music is so cool.

What is an area of music or playing the viola that you have not explored yet that interests you?

I am 14 so I have the all world to explore yet! I would love to play contemporary music or be in a folk group, just for fun.

You have attended both the Junior and Senior Session at LMC before, what are things you've enjoyed about each?

Well, they were both great, I had so much fun! Something that shocked me about the Junior Session was the people. Because there you can see really talented young people waking up early to practice and enjoying it, and that is fantastic to see! At Senior Session, the people are amazing too. You always find something to learn about someone else, not just as musician, but as a person. And of course, in both sessions the music is the star. I have so much fun in the orchestra and chamber groups, and we work a lot around music, so I love it!

Before you started coming to Luzerne, what would a usual summer be like in Spain? And how is it different than spending it in the Adirondacks?

My summers in Spain are so different that Luzerne! I used to go surfing every day, some Jazz festivals. In brief: beach, viola and beach. At Luzerne I work a lot more, but I have so much fun! And I also make a lot of new friends, and that is great.

What is your favorite meal cooked by chef Donna?

I don't have any doubt about this: her pancakes are the best pancakes in the world! I haven't tried a lot of pancakes, but the ones I have were not as good as Donna's!

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