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Vocal Faculty

Miriam Enman

Junior & Senior Session

BA, Bible Baptist College

Joined LMC Faculty in 2018

Share with us some of your professional accomplishments.
In addition to operating a private studio, I am the director of the choral program and professor of music at SUNY Adirondack in Queensbury, New York. The SUNY Adirondack Chorale, a 60-80 voice chorus, has performed collaboratively with numerous artists, including most recently Simon Carrington. As director of the Chorale and the college’s select ensemble, one of my main goals is to showcase the work of local and regional composers as part of our overall mission. Current plans for the chorus include the regional premiere of Embrace the Universe by composer Bernadette Speech.

What excites you about Luzerne Music Center?
Having the opportunity to enjoy time away from hectic life and enjoying the chance to interact with other young musicians is a tremendous gift offered to campers at Luzerne Music Center. From an educator’s perspective, I find it thrilling to be a part of instilling and nurturing a passion for music with the next generation of teachers and performers while working in a relaxed camp environment, filled with activities and opportunities that become part of the students’ memories for years to come.
Junior high and high school are essential times for students to learn how to fully cultivate their talent and to decide whether or not it is the true passion that they want to spend their lives pursuing. The world class faculty, counselors, and staff are 100% dedicated to the goal of helping all of the students realize their full potential, and the opportunities provided to them here are invaluable. From theory classes, multiple private lesson opportunities and chamber music coaching to real-world orchestral experience and jazz band, this place has it all.

What can students expect to learn while working with you this summer?

Students studying voice with me can expect to learn techniques for vibrant singing while maintaining a healthy approach to vocal production. I believe that the voice is the most personal instrument with an individualism and uniqueness that is undeniable. Regardless of a student's vocal experience, we will work together to craft an instrument that embodies passion and energy in a way that is satisfying, enjoyable, and effective. 

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